Business Law

Business Law

  • Consultancy and legal assistance in Judicial Reorganization and Bankruptcy processes, Qualifications and/or Credit Challenges and Requests for Return of Goods;
  • Legal advice on actions resulting from non-fulfilled or excessively onerous contracts and search and seizure actions;
  • Negotiation of extrajudicial agreements in credit receipt procedures, such as payment, novation, transaction, confession of debt with mortgage guarantee;
  • Guidance and legal advice in actions for the execution of credit securities (bill of exchange, promissory note, duplicate of commercial purchase and sale, duplicate of services, checks, etc.), monitory actions, suspension of protests, actions for annulment foreign exchange securities and execution embargoes;
  • Orientation in the relationship with consumers in the different areas of the company;
  • Monitoring of lawsuits involving consumer complaints and claims.


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