Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

  • Assessment of ownership and onus on urban and rural properties;
  • Assistance in conducting real estate deals, such as buying and selling, exchanges, donations, real estate leases, incorporation of real estate funds, joint ventures, payment in kind, constitution of mortgages and leases;
  • Assistance in setting up real estate developments, condominiums and subdivisions;
  • Elaboration of agreements, contracts and any other necessary instrument within the scope of Real Estate Law;
  • Advice on expropriation, adverse possession, area rectification, repossession, lease renewal, eviction, contractual termination and demarcation;
  • Regularization of rural and urban properties;
  • Registration of rural properties in the CAR;
  • Legal assistance in georeferencing; and
  • Expertise in Real Estate Registries, City Halls, Federal Revenue Service and Notaries.


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