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Our History

Created in 1990 by experienced professionals, with a concept established in the market, the law firm Deschamps, Grützmacher e Advogados Associados, known as DG Advogados, accumulates a vast knowledge of the Brazilian legal scene.

Companies no longer look for lawyers just to formalize, in contract, an already consummated transaction. Today, their demand is much more for alternatives in the structuring of the business and, in this scenario, DG Advogados has a great aptitude, basing and supplementing the strategies of the clients, giving them the most appropriate legal format and contributing to add value to the operations that participates.

Nowadays, the configuration of the market demands that companies have at their disposal specialized and highly qualified professionals. For this reason, our firm has extremely qualified lawyers, in all areas of business law, which ensures full service to companies – clients.

The society arose in order to meet the needs of companies, considering that information and guidance are extremely relevant for the management of any project that one aims to undertake.

TheOur challenge is to contribute to the development of these companies, providing the necessary legal support for their operations and businesses, through a qualified legal team, which believes in the potential of these companies.

Our search is to maximize the application of legal knowledge, so that the administrator has, in his actions, full advice and knowledge of all the effects that his acts will have in the fiscal, labor, corporate, criminal and commercial spheres, achieving with this a business management focused on generating profit and productivity.

Our concern is to always improve the service, whether through new technologies in the performance of our work, or through information and communication, always aiming at the interests of our customers.

The lawyers that constitutemake up the company, in their respective specializations, as well as the other assistants, believe that this is the best path, that is, updating, knowledge, dedication, commitment, transparency, reliability and security.

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