General Principles

Since its foundation, Deschamps, Grützmacher e Advogados Associados has among its most important objectives, the maintenance of its reputation for integrity and high standards of professional conduct.

This reputation has been built over the years by observing some basic principles: integrity, trust and loyalty to customers.

Thus, it is the commitment of the members of our office to ensure competitiveness and commitment to the excellence of the services provided, acting in an agile, dynamic and effective manner, always obeying the principles of ethics and reliability.

These are also values to be observed by our team:

  • Respect and appreciation of the human being, cordiality in interpersonal relationships, as well as fair treatment for all;
  • The commitment to society in general and the effort to keep the performance of its members linked to the interests of the community;
  • Customer satisfaction, by identifying and promptly meeting their needs; and
  • The tireless search for knowledge and the improvement of the services provided;

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